PRI Focus: Structural Foam

Structural Foam molding is similar to injection molding. Except the material is foamed to reduce density so that low pressure presses can be utilized. The Structural Web process uses air channels dispersed through the part to reduce density which also requires less press capacity. This process can produce surface finishes comparable to injection molding.

20/20 has the highest tonnage and capacity of any molder in the industry, an ISO-9001:2008 plant that is a “must visit” for anyone considering this process.  Our presses include 1,500 ton, 1,000 ton, 725 ton, 500 ton, and 375 ton machines with single part capabilities of up to 200 lbs.

Our strength is in developing new applications in structural foam for cost savings. We have thrived because of our perfect vision. Our eyes are on the consistent parts we produce. Our focus on the needs of our customers, and our vision is on the future.

Additionally – we serve many industries with plastic molding and extrusion processes.  Get answers that can help you meet project challenges with high quality – and at a savings.
We’re your one stop shop for plastic custom molding and extrusion process.  Customers have counted on PRI for deliverables since 1982.  Get a quote today for your project!

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