PRI Focus: Cellular Foamed PVC Extrusion

Cellular PVC Extrusion Infographic

Located in Linden NJ, Patwin is one of the plastic industries few experts in cellular foamed PVC extrusion. For over 35 years the name Patwin has been synonymous with quality and innovation in the plastic profile extrusion field.

Cellular PVC is generally used as a way to replace wood molding. Either in look and/or function. Most major manufacturers focus on their own proprietary product lines such as deck boards, railing and architectural trim pieces. Although Patwin participates in these markets, we are very focused on supplying custom extrusions for OEM manufacturers.

Typical applications include doors, thresholds, windows, commercial freezer, slat wall and display components as well as many niche areas. Unlike some of the larger competitors, we focus on custom applications and bring innovative solutions to the table.


Additionally – PRI serves many industries with plastic molding and extrusion processes. Get answers that can help you meet project challenges with high quality – and at a savings.

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