We’re your one-stop shop for plastic custom molding and extrusion processes from leading manufacturers in the Midwest – with expert customer service.

blow moder

Blow Molding

We offer a wide range of blow molding capabilities ranging from large shot industrial molding to smaller continuous extrusion. Experts in forming complex requirements with materials ranging from commodity to engineering grade. Experienced in the competitive automotive, truck, industrial and OEM market.

Quality large and small blow molded parts. Expert engineering, design and turnkey tooling support.

plastic extrusion

Plastic Extrusion Molding

Twin-screw PVC extrusion, single-screw extrusion and co-extrusion processes – for custom profile extrusion and custom pipe. Experienced in intricate profile extrusion, co-extrusion, and nonstandard pipe – tube applications. Serving various markets that include building, construction, POP and transportation.

Complete Source – small to very large profiles in all materials. Expert engineering, design and turnkey tooling support.

injection molding

Plastic Injection Molding

One-stop injection molding resource – ranging from small presses up to 2,000 ton. Our experience in material selection from commodity to engineering grade streamlines the process. Offering manual and robotic assembly – welding and other secondary operations. Perfect fit for the automotive, heavy truck, utility, construction and consumer product market.

New robotics technology and machine vision ensure quality parts. Design assistance and tool build coordination.

rotational molding

Rotational Molding – Roto molder

Complete solution for manufacturing complex rotationally molded parts. Experts in processing a wide range of materials from polyethylene and vinyl to EVA and cross link. Ready to help from concept to final design and tooling. Serving a wide range of markets including transportation, office furniture, highway safety and outdoor products.

Complete engineering resources, cast and CNC tooling coordination.

structural foam gas assist molder

Structural Foam and Gas Assist Molding

We offer solutions for low pressure injection molding – utilizing gas assist and structural foam technology. Specializing in Ultra High tonnage injection molding up to 6,750 tons. Experienced in large part molding with weight reduction and highly complex requirements. Markets ranging from recreational, water – utility, lawn and garden, office furniture and outdoor products.

One resource for engineering and tooling coordination.

thermoforming vacuum forming molder

Plastic Thermoforming and Vacuum Forming

Manufacturing difficult to form parts in many materials. Experts in complex finishing requirements with CNC and robotic cutting stations. Servicing a wide base of markets ranging from automotive and heavy truck to consumer and building products.

We can form virtually any thermoplastic. Complete resource for engineering and tooling coordination.

cellular pvc extrusion molder

Cellular PVC Extrusion Molding

One resource for composite and foamed – cellular PVC. Experts at providing foamed extrusion as a wood replacement. Serving OEM building and construction markets such as door – window manufacturers, architectural product manufactures and display components.

Quality plastic profile extrusion for over 35 years. Complete in-house tooling service and engineering.

plastic molding help

Plastic Molding Material Selection – Help

Material Selection Reviews are based on your product and it’s finished application requirements.

Maximize Savings – by using the right materials.


We Deliver Results – Plastic Resources supplies customers with parts, components, and assemblies utilizing all major production processes. We are a technical sales agency representing a portfolio of leading molders and extruders, each specializing in a unique process. Our customers range in size from Fortune 500 OEM manufacturers to smaller established privately held companies. You likely interact with our plastic molded parts daily in your home, at the office, and in the components of your car.

custom plastic molding
custom plastic molding

Quality Plastic Molding Manufacturers in North America.

United States based – representing all major molding processes.

Our team has the expertise, skills, and facilities required to reliably deliver even your most challenging custom molded parts, components, and assemblies.


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5 star plastic molding
5 star plastic molding

all plastic molding processes
Plastic Resources, Inc.

Streamline your manufacturing process from design and prototype through production.

Our key objective is to provide the best resource for our customers – supplying quality parts by utilizing the best process for new programs or existing tooling.
We Deliver Results – with expert customer service, engineering, and material selection.
Services include programs to optimize design, process selection, materials, or integration of multiple technologies.
Existing Program Review – we consider everything from the process to relocating tooling for improvements in production, supply, and pricing.

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