PRI Client TopGolf Event at NPE Plastics Show

2024 NPE Plastics Show PRI TopGolf Event

Plastic Resources, Inc. (PRI) is inviting clients to a TopGolf event in Orlando on Monday May 6th at 6:30 pm associated with the 2024 NPE Plastics Show. Limited client space is available, so please contact your PRI rep to reserve your spot. 614-471-9478. 

PRI will be exhibiting at the NPE Plastics Show in Orlando, FL,  May 6-10, 2024.

Plan to join us in Orlando!  We’d love for you to join us at the event!  The NPE Plastics Show event is designed to help organizations leverage innovations, drive major business growth, and build a more sustainable economy.  PRI TopGolf event is designed to enjoy time with our clients (so make sure you get your invite)!

At the show – we’re at Booth# S13186 in South Hall – so please plan to join us while you’re at the event.

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