PRI Focus: Material Selection

Material Selection

Need Help with Plastic Molding Materials and Processes?

Our team can optimize the plastic molding material selection process for you.

Plastic Resources, Inc has structured our team to give us the ability to provide deep resources in material selection and optimum sourcing. We help customers review all their options based on the performance characteristics required for their products application.

Where needed, we can bring in outside technical resources and consulting to provide input on performance, processing, and analysis of existing or competitive parts, etc. We filled this role with an associate with years of prior experience in resin distribution, enabling us to also leverage this knowledge to generate saving on the raw materials used for our customer’s production, often resulting in appreciable savings. Learn more about us here.


Additionally – PRI serves many industries with plastic molding and extrusion processes. Get answers that can help you meet project challenges with high quality – and at a savings.

We’re your one stop shop for plastic custom molding and extrusion process. Customers have counted on PRI for deliverables since 1982. Get a quote today for your project!

Blow Molding

Plastic Extrusion

Injection Molding

Rotational Molding

Structural Foam/Gas Assist

Thermoforming/Vacuum Forming

Cellular PVC Extrusion

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