Plastic Blow Molding | Automotive, Truck, Industrial and OEM

Plastic Resources, Inc. represents several companies for this process to provide a complete solution for parts ranging from very small all the way up to 50 lbs. We offer a wide range of capabilities, from large shot industrial molding to smaller continuous extrusion solutions. Our job is to help customers with complete engineering, industrial design and tooling coordination for various blow molding applications.

Services include molding of commodity HDPE, PP, flexible TPE materials, and assistance with all types of engineered materials through our relationship with leading resin manufactures. Contact us for details.

  • Suspension Dust Covers
  • HVAC Ducting
  • Fluid Containers
  • Large Components and Drums
  • Insulated Trays and Containers
  • Portable Restroom Components
  • Tanks and Tubes
  • Medical
  • Juvenile and Toys
  • Construction and Highway Safety
blow molding

Automotive, Heavy Truck, Industrial, OEM Plastic Blow Molded Projects and Equipment:

Large and small part manufacturing – expert engineering, design and turnkey tooling support.