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An Electric Delivery Vehicle Manufacturer Had an Issue – We Delivered Results

According to a recent study from Markets Research Private Limited, the global commercial-use electric vehicle market size is projected to grow by 41.1% through 2028.  The market for electric vehicles is booming.  So when an electric delivery vehicles manufacturer needed high quality plastic molding solutions and swift turnaround – Plastic Resources, Inc. was selected for the plastic vacuum forming project and we delivered results.

The Electric Delivery Vehicle Manufacturer had an array of large parts (large trim and interior pieces) for a new vehicle.  They needed a quick turnaround for their initial prototype and production parts.  As they searched for a partner who could meet quality, timeline and cost requirements – their choices were few.

The customer planned to use the vacuum forming process, which was a good match for the large sizes and parts quantities involved.  As representatives of Electro-General Plastics (our molder), we worked with the customer to quickly provide initial prototypes and production on a very tight schedule.  We were able to offer advice on texturing and other ideas to achieve the “cosmetic look” the customer desired.  For one specific part that did not fit with vacuum forming or other processes in our portfolio,  we called in an industry expert to provide rapid prototyping/3D Printing.

As the customer continues to grow and develop new vehicles, they will look to us for more types of plastic molding and extrusion process work.  Plastic Resources, Inc. has the knowledge and experience to address most every plastic molding, extrusion and material selection challenges.  Set up a consult today.

Plastic Resources, Inc. is your single source plastic molding and extrusion provider – offering custom molding solutions since 1982.  We represent partners who are expert in every major process – and pride ourselves on timely delivery and quality results focus to your specific needs.

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