Case Study: Temporary Building Structure Manufacturer

Plastic Resources, Inc. Case Study

When a Temporary Building Structure Manufacturer needed design and engineering assistance to re-think their building component use and a potential conversion of some components from metal to plastic – there were issues to be resolved.  As the only manufacturer in the United States to provide “industrial-grade” clear span tent structure for the portable temporary warehouse use, the customer had many questions on how to move forward.  Plastic Resources, Inc. was selected for the project and we delivered results.


The manufacturer used large metal parts in setup of their temporary building structures – and these were heavy and difficult to handle during the construction phase.  They came to Plastic Resources, Inc. to see if we could collaborate with them on a solution to this issue.


To help with this client’s problem, we worked with them to develop a PVC profile design with our manufacturer, OSI Plastics.  Although the customer was an expert in their industry, the conversion brought a lot of questions.  They needed to consider how the product would perform before investing in tooling.  We helped them consider the different mechanical properties of PVC such as the thermal expansion and  elastic modulus, and connected them with a design firm to run simulations of how the product would react.  Once satisfied they had an ideal design, we quickly developed the required tooling and were shipping truckloads of product on schedule.

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