Reshoring back to the USA.

With the supply chain constraints that exist today, many customers have come to us over the last two (2) years looking to bring their plastic production back to the United States.  These constraints have created issues for customers being served by overseas  providers – who have not been able to get enough (most often – any) product as well as the extreme costs associated with ocean freight.

Because the manufacturers PRI represents are so busy, and we often feel that many OEMs will simply revert to what they perceive to be “low-cost” countries, we don’t always invest our resources in pursuing the business.  However, we have chosen to work with those that have come to understand that these low-cost suppliers may not be their best options.  Once they looked at the track records on quality, protection of their IP, unethical manufacturing, and all the extra costs that were overlooked – they realized they needed a trusted US source.  Our goal is to meet client needs with the quality that you expect from PRI.  We know that your business depends on it.

If you are serious about reshoring, let’s talk:

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